Todd Schack

Todd Schack

Associate Professor, Department of Journalism
Faculty, Roy H. Park School of Communications

Specialty:Narrative Journalism and Media Studies
Phone:(607) 274-3632
Office: Roy H Park Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850




·       Ph.D., Media Studies, University of Colorado, 2006

·       M.A., Communication, Colorado State University, 1996

·       B.A., English, Colorado State University, 1992


Selected Publications:



Research Interests:


       ·       Literary/Narrative Journalism

·       Media and Journalism History

·       Multi-platform Narrative Journalism

·       Music Journalism

·       Graphic Non Fiction/Comics Journalism

·       Media History and Representations of the Wars on Terror and Drugs in both popular culture and journalism

·       Ethnographic Documentary Film Production, Theory and History.

·       19th C. English and French Decadent Literatures, Theory and History.

Curriculum Development/Teaching Interests:


·       Narrative Journalism

·       Media Studies

·       History of Journalism

·       Graphic Non-Fiction

·       Cultural Production of the Wars on Drugs & Terror

·       Media Theory/Critical Social Theory


Book in Progress:


  • The Woman Question: Abigail Scott Duniway and The Editorial War of the Century
  • The Media History of Drug Discourse, 19th Century to the Present


Journal Articles in Progress:


  • Lippmann and Bernays and the Festival of Lights: Capitalism’s Darkest Hour
  • Against Idealist Historiography: Raymond Williams and Michel Foucault on the Possibility of Rescuing our Present from our Past


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Schack, T. A. (2004). “Where the Decadent and the Raver Meet: The Stranger” International Postgraduate Conference at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, August 2004.

Schack, T. A. (2001). “The Political Economy of Ecstasy” International Association for Mass Communication Research, Barcelona, Spain, July 2001.   


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