Sarah Sutton

Sarah Sutton

Associate Professor, Department of Art
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Specialty:Painting, Drawing, Interdisciplinary Curriculum
Office: Art Studio
Ithaca, NY 14850


Introduction: I teach in the Art Department at Ithaca College. I teach a range of topics from Art Theory to studio classes that address issues of sustainability such as Introduction to Painting: Wasteland to Wilderness and Intermediate Drawing: Speculative Futures which is a class that centers in using drawing as way to 'imagine' future worlds based on problems of our own time. I enjoy teaching Art at a Liberal Arts institution and find it endlessly inspiring to get to know young artists and help them to find their unique voice. I believe artists help give form to aspects of our world that are too new, too complex or too uncomfortable to fit easily into everyday language and systems. 

Excerpt about my work: Sarah Sutton's monochromatic oil paintings are landscape paintings and psychological terrains. They are stuffed with representational narrative while frequently veering into fields of abstraction. They combine images and collide them. They are exploded views filled with imploded moments. They emit an aura of cacophony while resonating with interior structures and repeating patterns. They present themselves as cohesive, singular, all-encompassing entities which are nonetheless constructed by thousands of the tiniest painterly marks. Their entireties push us back to take it all in while their details pull us forward, resisting any singular resolution of pictorial space. They are maddeningly vexing and undeniably beautiful. They are moments of dread mixed with breathless epiphanies. -John Massier, Visual Arts Curator, Hallwalls Art Center

Biography: Sarah Sutton is a painter based in the Ithaca, NY area who is interested in visual  perception, biology and speculative futures. She was born in the Appalachian coal - mining region of Northeastern Pennsylvania and lived there for the first 11 years of  her life. The town that  she  grew up in rests over flooded anthracite coal mines. She then moved to a suburb of Cleveland, 10 miles from a very large power plant. The cooling towers overtook the landscape. Both places had a lurking environmental threat, yet life marched forward. These early visual landscapes had an impact on her paintings and ideas. In her paintings, the human realm is organized like  rhizomatic mycelium, connecting things that aren’t supposed to go together to focus on  symbi otic relationships that span time, species and place.  Her work has been shown in  Europe and across the United States. She attended the Millay Colony artist residency, Santa Fe Art Institute residency funded by the Joan Mitchell Foundation and has an upcoming residency at Yaddo.



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