Susan Allen-Gil

Susan Allen-Gil

Professor, Environmental Studies and Science
Faculty, Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences
Faculty, Latin American Studies

ENVSstudent Jeffrey Hatzel nominated to Sigma Xi Honor Society

Sigma Xi is a national honor society of scientists and engineers who are elected to the society because of their research achievements and potential. Membership in Sigma Xi demonstrates excellence as a researcher and commitment to scientific research.

Working with ENVS Department Chair Susan Allen-Gil, Jeffrey has conducted research into how atrazine, the world's most widely applied herbicide, affects reproduction in the fathead minnow. On a slightly bigger scale, he has participated in a study conducted by the Biology Department’s Leann Kanda to evaluate the effects of habitat fragmentation on a Lansing NY muskrat population. Congratulations, Jeffrey!


Originally published in Intercom: ENVSstudent Jeffrey Hatzel nominated to Sigma Xi Honor Society.