Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan

Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences
Faculty, Culture and Communication
Faculty, Classical Studies

Phone:(607) 274-3930
Office:417 Muller Center
Ithaca, NY 14850

Robert Sullivan (PhD, University of Maryland) is the Director of the H&S Honors Program. He is also a member of the Speech Communication department with affiliations with the Communication and Culture program, the Legal Studies program, and the History department. He is director of the Classical Studies minor program. He teaches courses in classical rhetorical theory, introductory and advanced public communication, legal argumentation, propaganda, and communication ethics. Professor Sullivan's central research area is the Greco-Roman rhetorical tradition. Most recently he has been investigating the reception history of the Attic orator Isocrates, a subject on which he has written several articles and is preparing a book manuscript. He also continues lively scholarly interests in argument theory and propaganda.

Selected Recent Scholarship

(2007) "Sir Thomas Elyot and the Purposes of Rhetoric." Presented at the Biennial Conference of the International Society for the Study of Rhetoric. Strasbourg, France.

(2007) "Classical Epistolary Theory and the Letters of Isocrates." in Letter Writing Manuals from Antiquity to the Present. Edited by Carol Poster and Linda Mitchell. University of South Carolina Press.

(2006) "Isocrates and Civic Education." Poulakos & Depew, eds. University of Texas Press, 2004. Review. Philosophy and Rhetoric. 39: 174-178.

(2005) “Pre-Aristotelian Theories of Argument: Isocratean Vocabulary and Practice.”
The Uses of Argument. David Hitchcock ed. Hamilton, ON. OSSA

(2005) "Rhetoric Before and Beyond the Greeks." Lipson & Binkley eds. SUNY Press, 2004. Review. Rhetoric Society Quarterly. 35: 103-109.

(2004) "Demosthenes' Renaissance Philipics: Thomas Wilson's 1570 Translation As Anti-Spanish Propaganda. Advances in the History of Rhetoric. 4: 111-137.

(2003) "Establishing Legislative Intent; The Rise of the New Commonplaces." Informal Logic at 25: Transactions of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation.

(2003) "The Renascent Rhetorician: Isocrates' English Career, 1534-1624." Presented at the Biennial Conference of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric. Madrid, Spain.

(2002) "Hieronymous Wolf and the Revolution in Annotation." Presented at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric, Toronto Ontario,

(2002) "Rhetoric, Persuasion, and Propaganda: An Ellulian Exploration of the Boundaries." Presented at the Annual Conference of the National Communication Association, New Orleans,

(2001) "Eidos, Idea in Isocrates." Philosophy and Rhetoric. 34: 79-92.

(1998) Book Review. "Theory, Text, Context: Issues in Greek Rhetoric and Oratory." Edited by Christopher Lyle Johnstone. Philosophy and Rhetoric. 31: 79-83.

(1997) Book Review. "Hermogenes On Issues: Strategies of Argument in Later Greek Rhetoric." Argumentation and Advocacy 33: 101-105.

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