Patricia Zimmermann

Patricia Zimmermann

Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies
Faculty, Culture and Communication
Faculty, Cinema and Photography
Faculty, Documentary Studies and Production

Patty Zimmermann Presents in Germany

Patricia Zimmermann, professor of cinema, photography, and media arts, presented a paper, entitled "From Image to Interface: Preemptive Media Collective and the Collaborative Politics of Algorithms," at the 14th Visible Evidence Conference on Documentary at the University of Bochum in Bochum, Germany.

She also organized and programmed the panel of which this talk was a part, "Algorithms, Collaborations, and Locative Media: The Politics of Documentary, Advocacy, and Digitality." The panel included presentations by Sam Gregory from Witness on human rights issues and Witness' new user-generated interface, The Hub, as well as Sharon Lin Tay of Middlesex University (London) and Dale Hudson of Amherst College on theorizing their exhibition of online political interface art, Undisclosed Recipients.

Originally published in Intercom: Patty Zimmermann Presents in Germany.