Patricia Zimmermann

Patricia Zimmermann

Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies
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Faculty, Documentary Studies and Production

Patricia Zimmermann Presents Workshop on Human Rights Social Media

Patrica Zimmermann, professor of cinema, photography and media arts and codirector of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, presented a workshop entitled "The Ethics and Open Spaces of Human Rights Social Media: Towards Provisional Ethical Working Principles and Dialogues" at the 18th Annual Visible Evidence Conference on Documentary at New York University on August 11, 2011.

Sam Gregory, program director WITNESS, an international NGO working on human rights and user generated media, was the co-presenter and collaborator. The workshop is part of a long- term colllaborative research project between Zimmermann and Gregory to establish working principles on human rights and social media.

The Visible Evidence Conferences are the annual international gatherings of scholars, makers and activists to probe documentary theory and practice across a myriads of forms.

Originally published in Intercom: Patricia Zimmermann Presents Workshop on Human Rights Social Media.