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Ithaca College's Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Will Collaborate With International Film Festival In India

ITHACA, NY— Ithaca College faculty members Patricia Zimmermann and Tom Shevory, co-directors of the college’s Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF), have curated a selection of works screened at last spring’s FLEFF for inclusion in “Voices from the Waters, 2008.” A six-day international film festival to be held in September in Bangalore, India, “Voices from the Waters” will spotlight water scarcity, dams and the displaced, floods and droughts, climate change, deforestation and other global issues surrounding water. FLEFF, along with a consortium of national and international organizations, are partnering with the Bangalore festival.

“The 2008 edition of ‘Voices from the Water’ will be an effort by students, filmmakers, artists, water activists, architects, and engineers from across the world to consider the impact of water on our contemporary lives and our futures,” Zimmermann said.

“This year’s festival seeks to embrace and trigger interdisciplinary dialog and vigorous debate on water in all its forms,” added Shevory. “It’s a unique platform for voices of concern over water that includes testimonies of people working on and with water.”  A listing of the works curated by Zimmermann and Shevory, along with summaries, is attached.

Launched in 1997 as an outreach project sponsored by Ithaca College, Cornell University’s Center for the Environment and Eunadi Center for International Studies and others, FLEFF has become a major regional event in upstate New York and enjoys an international reputation as a cutting-edge, multi-arts program.

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 Ithaca College’s Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF)

Curated titles for the “Voices from the Waters” Film Festival

Bangalore, India
September 2008
Curated by Patricia Zimmermann and Thomas Shevory, codirectors

Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, Ithaca, New York

Apaga y Vamonos (Switch Off) (Manel Mayol, Chile, 2005; 87 min.) This documentary focuses on a Spanish hydroelectric company’s decision to build a dam on the Biobío River. From the beginning, resistance was strong, and now the waters slowly rise to flood sacred and ancestral lands. Distributor: Las Americas Film Network,

Aprisionados por Promessas: A Escravidão Rural Contemporânea no Brasil (Bound by Promises: Contemporary Slavery in Rural Brazil) (Comissão Pastoral da Terra e Centro pela Justica e o Direito Internacional; Witness, Brazil, 2006; 17 min.) This video tells the story of men who set out in search of work in rural Brazil only to end up in debt bondage on isolated ranches. Distributor: Witness,

The Jungle’s Edge (Gossa Tsgaye, United States, 2007; 30 min.) Shot in Ithaca, New York, this film portrays life in “The Jungle,” a camp near the Cayuga Lake inlet inhabited by vagabonds and the homeless. Viewers are introduced to a hidden world beyond conventional economic and social life. Distributor: Gossa Tsegaye contact:

Precious Places (Scribe Video Center, United States, 2007) While tourists head straight for Philadelphia’s official historic district and the city’s natives think they have seen it all, videographers from the Scribe Video Center go off the beaten path to produce oral histories of little-known communities. Distributor: Scribe Video Center, contact:

Return to Penguin City (Lloyd Fales, United States/Antarctica, 2007; 40 min.) Exploring a penguin breeding colony in Antarctica, this film shares a group of researchers’ insights into how the birds are responding to rising temperatures. Distributor: Lloyd Fales,

Scouts Are Canceled (John Scott, Canada/United States, 2007; 72 min.) A down-on-his-luck writer working as a telemarketer in Toronto one day throws away his prewritten script and launches into a character based on the writer’s rural upbringing in Nova Scotia. As a result, he started going to open-mike poetry readings, developed a cult following, and published two books. Distributor: John Scott,

Today the Hawk Takes One Chick (Jane Gillooly, Swaziland/United States, 2008; 73 min.) After watching their adult children die of AIDS in Swaziland, three grandmothers decide to raise their grandchildren at a time in the women’s lives when they expected their adult children to be taking care of them. Distributor: Documentary Educational Resources,

The Water Front (Liz Miller, United States, 2007; 60 min.) In an emergency measure to keep Highland Park, Michigan, from going bankrupt, the financial manager raised water rates and implemented severe measures to collect on bills, some as high as $10,000. “The Water Front” shows one woman’s struggles to organize a grassroots campaign based on affordable water as a basic human right. Distributor: Bullfrog Films,

Ambient Media

Hub Culture Retrospectives: Antarctica  (Forward Motion Theater, USA, 2005, continuous looping)  Experience the last continent with an electro-ambient score by Aerostatic, with majestic time-lapse views, stunning soundscapes, and wildlife living in sync with their natural rhythms. Distributor: Microcinema,

Jellies: The Art of Nature (Ambiance Visuals, USA, 2005, continuous looping) Filmed in High Definition and featuring over two hours of footage, “Jellies” is a vibrant exploration of the beauty of life and the sea. Choose from three soundtracks – classical, new age or chill out – and transform your television into a living work of art. Distributor: Microcinema,

Plasmaquarium 2 Ultra Coral Reef (Plasma Window, USA, 2008, continuous looping)   The cinematography crew went deep off the coast of the Philippines to one of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs to produce this ambient media production that features hundreds of exotic fish. Distributor: Microcinema,

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