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Ithaca College's 2007 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Will Redefine the Environment

ITHACA, NY—Enlightenment, entertainment and the environment will drive Ithaca College's 10th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF). Opening on Monday, March 26, and running through Monday, April 2, this year’s FLEFF will offer a weeklong smorgasbord of galas, films, videos, music, multimedia events and discussions designed to provoke new ways of looking at the world around us.
“As people engage themselves in this year’s festival, we invite them not to confine their definitions of environment to nature,” said Tom Shevory, festival codirector and professor of politics. “We ask them consider all the conflicts and intersections between human and natural systems.”
The 2007 festival’s offerings are organized around four programming streams: Maps and Memes, Metropoli, Panic Attacks and Soundscaping. Under those categories fall a host of presentations, including “Man with a Movie Camera” (a 1929 Soviet silent film with the world premiere of an improvisational musical score by electric cellist Chris White and trumpeter, saxophonist, keyboard player and percussion artist Peter Dodge), “Listening Room” (a radio special with NPR radio producer Jonathan Miller), and a talk and reading by Sarah Mhkonza, City of Asylum writer from Swaziland.
“Last year, FLEFF offered a little over 100 events,” said Patricia Zimmermann, codirector of the festival and professor of cinema, photography and media arts. “This year we’re offering more than 150, including 97 films and videos from 41 countries, three silent films with world premieres of original music scores and eight galas and gatherings. By expanding notions of the environment to include war, health, disease, music, art and human rights, FLEFF has become a multimedia inter-arts extravaganza with something for everyone.”
Those who believe they are what they eat can hear a talk by Marion Nestle, a former senior nutrition policy advisor in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and author of the “New York Times” bestselling book “What to Eat.” Enthusiasts of silent films and intergenerational struggles will have a chance to revisit “His People,” the 1925 story a Jewish pushcart peddler and his two sons trying to make lives for themselves in New York’s Lower East Side. The soundtrack for this black-and-white film, written for laptop orchestra and klezmorim by School of Music faculty member Peter Rothbart, will be performed live. In addition, hopefuls wanting to break into the film business will be able to get tips from a panel of five screenwriters and industry professionals, and eight area bands will take listeners from Memory Lane to Penny Lane with a tribute concert to the Beatles at the Castaways on Taughannock Boulevard.
While most events will take place on the Ithaca College campus, some 25 feature-length film screenings—many featuring visiting guests and filmmakers and all with discussants—will roll at Cinemapolis and Fall Creek cinemas in downtown Ithaca as part of FLEFF’s partnership with the nonprofit 7th Art Corporation. The downtown screenings will require an admissions fee. The campus events are free and open to the public.
For detailed information, see "FLEFF at a Glance" listed below.  A complete list of topics, featured guests and events, along with a day-to-day calendar of events, is available at
To schedule interviews, contact Patricia Zimmermann at (607) 274-3431 or, or Tom Shevory at (607) 274-1347 or
Launched in 1997 as an outreach project sponsored by Ithaca College, Cornell University’s Center for the Environment and Eunadi Center for International Studies, and others, FLEFF has become a major regional event in upstate New York and enjoys an international reputation as a cutting-edge, multi-arts program. Major funders for this year’s festival include Ithaca College, the Park Foundation, Experimental Television Center (a part of the New York State Council on the Arts), and the French American Cultural Exchange.
2007 FLEFF at a Glance

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) is a one-week multimedia inter-arts extravaganza that expands the environment and sustainability into a larger global conversation, embracing issues ranging from labor, war, health, music, intellectual property and fine art to remix culture, economics, AIDS, women’s rights and human rights.

The 2007 FLEFF programming streams are Maps and Memes, Metropoli, Panic Attacks, and Soundscaping. Highlights of the festival include:
  • 10th year, 2nd year housed entirely at Ithaca College “Showcases Ithaca College as regional and national center for thinking differently--in new ways, interfaces and forms—about the environment and sustainability.”
  • Major collaboration between Ithaca College 7th Art Corporation, home of Fall Creek and Cinemapolis Theatres in downtown Ithaca
  • Interrogating, destabilizing, expanding and reimaginging the definition of the environment beyond the expected, the assumed, the predictable.
  • 150 events
  • NEW! 4 World Premieres: “Memescaping,” “Panic Hits Home,” “Man with a Movie Camera,” and “His People”
  • 37 Featured Guests, including filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers, scholars, dancer, industry insiders, screenwriters, composers, journalists, radio producer
  • NEW! 5 screenwriters and industry professionals, including Steve Gordon, Steve Ginsberg, Craig Volk, Jay Craven and Giovanna Pollarolo
  • Guests represent Venezuela, Peru, Singapore, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Swaziland, Poland, Argentine, Mexico and the United States
  • NEW! “Panic Hits Home,” a 26th Anniversary Women Direct special commission by Renate Ferro, digital media installation on the Cold War and the War on Terror
  • NEW! Twilight Poetry Readings, 6 poets in theaters reading before the films
  • 7 festival mini courses, across all six schools and divisions
  • 97 films and videosfrom 41 countries, including, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Ecuador, England, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, India, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Niger, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, United States, and Venezuela
  • Film and Videos on topics ranging from: race, animation, political intrigue, electronic art, infant mortality, coffee, nuclear testing, and intellectual property rights to fair trade, ecotourism, recycling, HIV/AIDS, beauty shops, Turkish music, the Algerian conflict, and  immigration to climate change, mercenary training, Venezuelan political economy, radical environmentalism, genetic engineering, gender and science, and Jewish immigration.
  • 18 feature length international narrative and documentary films, downtown at Cinemapolis and Fall Creek, for a total of 26 festival screenings
  • 145 total pieces of media, including radio, film and video, installations, digital art, games, ambient media and remix
  • 26 faculty from all over the IC campus opening their classrooms to festival films and leading discussion, and opening these sessions to the public
  • NEW! 3 silent films with live music, all world premieres of new original scores, one with world premiere of image remix and sound (“Memescapes”)
  • 8 Galas, Gatherings and Concerts. NEW: All parties with live music from central New York musicians and bands
  • NEWS! 5 special FLEFF Forums on hot button topics ranging from Soundscaping and collaboration, Crystal Meth in the Gay Community, Radical Gaming, Fair trade coffee in Africa, and How to get your Break in the Big (and Little) Metropolis
  • NEW! Over 50 speakers (moderators, speakers, filmmakers, panelists) leading post-screening discussions downtown, including faculty from Ithaca College, Cornell, Hobart and William Smith, Syracuse University, Amherst College, and Middlesex University, London
  • 3 radio events, two radio specials plus, NEW for this year, a radio Listening Room exhibition with Jonathan Miller, radio producer, featuring the programs of Homelands Productions
  • “Undisclosed Recipients,” an international digital art exhibition curated by Dale Hudson and Sharon Lin Tay, with 19 pieces worldwide exploring the 2007 festival programming streams
  • NEW! “The Gaming Meme,” a curated show of 10 radical games that rewire gaming, with special presentations and forums to help you get over the hump if you are not a gamer!
  • NEW! Ambient media on plasma across campus, downtown and at the Beatles Tribute, with four plasma installations on campus and 15 different ambient media pieces, in partnership with Microcinema International
  • NEW! 1 world premiere of new collage piece with live music, “MEMESCAPES,” on all of the festival streams, in collaboration with the Human Studies Film Archives of the Smithsonian Institution, with Phil Wilde and Ann Michel, producers, and a new original score by Judy Hyman, Jeff Claus, Jay Olsa, Rick Hansen and Robbie Aceto
  • 5 archival collaborative partners: Human Studies Film Archives of the Smithsonian Institution, National Center for Jewish Film, Northeast Historic Film, UCLA Film and Television Archives, National Film Preservation Foundation
  • NEW! 3 collaborating universities, Middlesex University, London; Abafemi Awolowi University, Nigeria; and a university in India (tba)
  • NEW! 8 collaborative partnerships with national/international film distributors, including Bullfrog Films, Documentary Educational Resources, Witness, Outcast Films, Deep Dish TV, Chiapas Media Project, Joe Public Films
  • NEW! 12 Bands/musical groups, playing live, with music ranging across genres and forms: jazz, alt rock, pop, French musette, gypsy swing, avant garde classical, country, Americana, postminimalism, improvisation, turntablism, singer/songwriter, hip hop, klezmer, folk, electronica, laptop orchestra
  • NEW! Bands include Boy with a Fish with Robbie Aceto, Common Railers, Joe Crookston, Fe Nunn and Friends, Five 2, Hubcap, Judy Hyman, Maplewood Jazz Team, Mary Lorson and St. Low, Jamie Notarthomas, Plastic Nebraska, Swing Gypsys, Chris White and Peter Dodge

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