Matthew Lunde

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Specialty:Sustainable Consumption and Behavior

Matthew Lunde is an Assistant Professor of Marketing & Sustainability.  My research interests include sustainable consumer behavior, transformative consumer research (TCR), sustainable public policy, macromarketing (systems-level), marketing ethics, and consumer wellbeing.  I teaching interests include Sustainability & Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing, Macromarketing/Social Change, and Integrated Marketing Communications, among others.  Outside of being a professor, my passion lies with traveling, being on the lake, and with music.  I have traveled to 45 countries, and I travel every chance I have.  When I am not traveling, I like to be on the lake in the summer, waterskiing and kneeboarding.  Finally, I also enjoy playing alto saxophone and piano as well as singing in choirs


In my research, I am drawn to study how the environment influences consumer behavior, and simultaneously how consumers can and do influence their environment, specifically by researching sustainable consumer behavior.  Because of my background in architecture and the built environment, I am fascinated by how our surroundings can influence our actions, while concurrently how our actions can influence our environment.  I research sustainable innovation of scale at the nexus of consumers and businesses and society.  I look at issues of marketing and scale, such as downsizing, upscaling, sustainable behavior and policy, individual and cultural sustainable innovation, and societal issues. 

Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching philosophy is to teach with a hands-on approach, with class discussion, real-world projects, student presentations, a flipped-classroom structure, and a laid-back, but professional learning environment.  To me, teaching and research work hand-in-hand.  In the classroom, I like to use examples from my own research endeavors to introduce students to new perspectives, strategies, and ideas.  In return, student discussion, writing, and questioning provide new ideas and inspiration for future research projects.  I have taught over 60 classes, ranging in class size from 8 to 75.

Education & Certificates:

  • Ph.D. in Marketing & Sustainable Business Practices: University of Wyoming

  • MBA in Green Marketing: North Dakota State University

  • Master in Architecture: North Dakota State University

  • Graduate Certificate in College Teaching: North Dakota State University

  • B.S. in Environmental Design: North Dakota State University

  • LEED-AP+B&DC: United States Green Building Council “sustainability-certified professional”

Courses Recently Taught:

  • Sustainability & Marketing

  • Principles (Introduction) of Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Small Business Management & Marketing

  • Business Ethics


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  • Lunde, Matthew B. (2013), “Socially Responsible Green Marketing in Architecture,” International Journal of Sustainable Public Policy & Practice, 8 (1), 259-278.

  • Peterson, Mark and Matthew B. Lunde (2016), “Turning to Sustainable Business Practices: A Macromarketing Perspective,” [Chapter 3], in Naresh K. Malhotra (ed.), Review of Marketing Research: Marketing In and For a Sustainable Society, Vol. 13, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing.  103-138.

  • Kidwell, Roland and Matthew B. Lunde (2016), “Human Resource Innovation or the Iron Cage?  The Ethical Line(s) Between High Performance Work Systems and Abusive Supervision,” [Chapter 6], in Neal M. Ashkanasy, Rebecca J. Bennett, and Mark J. Martinko (eds.), Understanding the High-Performance Workplace: The Line Between Motivation and Abuse.  New York: Routledge Psychology Press.  105-125.