Marella Feltrin-Morris

Marella Feltrin-Morris

Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Specialty:Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature, Translation Studies
Phone:(607) 274-3644
Office:409 Muller Center
Ithaca, NY 14850


Ph.D., Binghamton University, Translation Studies, 2008

Ph.D. Binghamton University, Comparative Literature, 2005

M.A. Binghamton University, Italian, 1999

B.A. University of Venice, Ca' Foscari, Anglo-American Literature, 1995 



After completing her undergraduate work in Anglo-American Literature at Università Ca' Foscari in Venice, Marella Feltrin-Morris moved to the United States, where she received an MA in Italian and a PhD in Comparative Literature from Binghamton University. Her doctoral dissertation in Comparative Literature, Hanging by a Thread: Marionette Figures in Twentieth-Century Italian Literature, explores the role of marionettes, puppets, mannequins and automata in the works of various twentieth-century Italian authors, including Luigi Pirandello, Massimo Bontempelli and Paola Masino. She also received a PhD in Translation Studies from Binghamton University. Her doctoral dissertation, Into Forbidden Territory: The Audacity to Translate into a Second Language, focuses on the theoretical, practical, and ethical issues that emerge when translating out of one’s native tongue. She has published articles on literature and translation, among which "Welcome Intrusions: Capturing the Unexpected in Translators' Prefaces to Dante's Divine Comedy” (Tusaaji: A Translation Review 6.6., 2018) and “Una (ri)scoperta transatlantica: la critica e le traduzioni nel Nord America” (Paola Masino, ed. Beatrice Manetti, Fondazione Mondadori, 2016). She is also a freelance translator of literary and non-literary works; two of her book-length translations are Paola Masino's 1945 novel, Nascita e morte della massaia (Birth and Death of the Housewife, SUNY Press, 2009), and Gaia Caramellino’s William Lescaze: Un architetto europeo nel New Deal (Europe Meets America: William Lescaze, Architect of Modern Housing, Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 2016). At Ithaca College, she teaches Italian language and literature at all levels, as well as courses on translation theory and practice. She also coordinates the Translation Studies Minor. 


(*in English)

ITAL 101 and ITAL 102 - Elementary Italian I and II

ITAL 201 and ITAL 202 - Intermediate Italian I and II

ITAL 220 - Folktales to Fantasy: Children's Literature in Translation*

ITAL 205: Italy: Language and Culture (IC Summer Program in Siena)

ITAL 323: Parliamo! Italian Conversation

ITAL 324: Conversazione e Cultura

ITAL 328: Practice in Reading and Writing in Italian

ITAL 340: Italian Contemporary Culture

ITAL 345: Italian Culture: A Culinary Journey

ITAL 355: From Theory to Practice: The Translator's Toolbox

ITAL 380: Everybody on Stage! The Magic of Italian Theater

ITAL 38003: A Place To Call Home: Origins and Identity in Italian Literature

LNGS 111: Cross-Cultural Journeys through Cinema (team-taught)*

LNGS 19402: Introduction to the Art of Translation*

LNGS 245/WRTG 245: Translation and (Self-)Discovery*

LNGS 250/ENGL 250: Translation: The Art of Disguise*

HNRS 20046/ITAL 260: A Place To Call Home: Origins and Identity in Italian Literature, Film, Art and Music*

ITAL 399-499: Independent Study





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