Leigh Ann Vaughn

Leigh Ann Vaughn

Professor, Department of Psychology
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

What team members say being on this research team is like

A good way to get a sense of that is to hear from the students (see below). If you're interested in chatting with Prof. Leigh Ann Vaughn about the team, please feel free to contact her, too (lvaughn@ithaca.edu).

Maddie Amidon

This is only my first semester on research team 11. However, it has been a wonderful experience thus far. Every single team member is incredibly welcoming and friendly, providing an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to speak and participate in discussions and activities. I have already learned tons of valuable information, and with that, I have been able tackle tasks that I originally thought would be too confusing or difficult. Leigh Ann is a wonderful team leader who uses effective strategies to engage every team member, while also providing us the opportunity to learn more about past research as well as how to conduct research of our own.  

Cheyenne Barrett

This is my first semester on team and I’m already learning so much. I really enjoy the atmosphere that team has. I always feel welcome to share my ideas. I have already noticed that I have improved on many things while on Team 11. My critical thinking has improved, my public speaking is more fluent, and my writing ability has increased as well. I think being on team has given me a very beneficial life experience. Leigh Ann is very clear in her instructions and she makes being on team enjoyable and interactive. Social Psychology has always been very interesting to me and this group helps me learn about my interests in a constructive and positive way.

Trish Burkins

Team can be challenging in the first semester. First semester team member often aren’t comfortable with speaking up and asking questions in an environment where most people are more experienced than them. But in Leigh Ann’s team, you always have her support and the support of a mentor who’s already on the team! Leigh Ann encourages us to ask questions and help each other and takes care to make sure every team member is matched up with someone who can help them. We do a variety of studies, original and replications, so you will also learn a LOT in Team 11. We’re always happy to have new people so definitely consider joining us!

Rachael Chalachan

This is my first semester of research team, and it has been a wonderful experience thus far! I was a little nervous to start my time on research team, but Leigh Ann and my fellow team members are the most supportive and wonderful people. Although my career goal is to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology, the skills developed on this research team, as well as the papers we have read, feel incredibly applicable to my area of interest —even though this is a social psych research team. Already I have been able to run participants, read a multitude of empirical articles, and practice writing in the APA style. I am very grateful that I decided to join Team 11, and I am excited to see what the rest of my time here has in store!

Chase Garvey

This is my first semester of research team and I have loved it so far. Being on team has helped me develop a lot of skills necessary for moving forward with my career and helped me improve in a number of areas including math, writing, and public speaking. There is a great sense of community on our research team, which I value, as it gives us a comfortable atmosphere where we are comfortable talking, critiquing, and working with one another. Leigh Ann is an amazing mentor to have, as she has done so much amazing work and still always makes sure we get the best experience we can, as well as trying to keep it fun.

Janak Judd

I can honestly say that research team is both a fun and great experience.  Team 11 makes learning about research a lot of fun in a friendly and interactive environment.  Team has also helped me tackle tasks that may seem too difficult or confusing and taught me several strategies to deal with this.  Everyone on Team 11 is very dedicated and helpful, including Leigh Ann Vaughn who is a great team leader who helps you learn the right ways to conduct research. 

Reilley Lambert

This was my second semester on Team 11. It has been a really great experience so far. The environment is nice and friendly. That made for a great transition into research that I was very anxious about my first semester. We read research every week, do small writing assignments, and in-depth discussions about the research as well. These writing assignments and in-class discussions really help with understanding the topics even if it’s a particularly complex one. Team has helped me grow as psychology student so much in the little time I’ve been in it.

Owen Matyi

First semester of the research team with Leigh Ann has been a true pleasure thus far. Initially I had felt very anxious about the research team. I did not know how my own knowledge and experience would mesh with the other team members, and I did not know what I truly was getting myself into when it actually came to conducting research. I feel now, however, that Team 11 has been a great environment as a first semester member to learn the various intricacies of conducting research, problem solving, and working together as a team to tackle various problems. This team overall has a very close relation that is easy to find your spot in and contribute towards our shared goals, and that is why it has been such a pleasure to have joined this team.

Jen Ochiagha

Being on team 11 has been such a great experience for me. I have been able to see myself as a researcher and I have been able to develop those abilities. I have grown a love for statistics, when it used to be my least favorite subject. I am now excited to see what correlates and what analyses show significance. Not only has the research aspect of the research team been enjoyable, but my team has been great. We all learn from one another and help each other to be better researchers. Whether it's through the comments/compliments on each other’s work or just helping each other when we are confused. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Jade Ramcharan

This is my third semester being on Leigh Ann’s research team, and it has been an incredibly valuable experience. I had initially been nervous about being on research team because I didn’t really know much when it came to research. But being in Team 11 really helps break things down and makes research a lot less daunting and a lot more fun. We have lots of engaging discussions about different articles we read, and we get the chance to run lab sessions too. New team members also get a mentor to help them out, which makes the transition into team easier. I really appreciate how Leigh Ann creates a really friendly learning environment where everyone can share their thoughts and ask any questions that they have. This team focuses heavily on teamwork and collaboration, which makes things more comfortable and fun. I am so happy I was able to be a part of this team and will definitely be taking what I learned with me after I graduate!

Leslie Rodriguez

Being on team has been an amazing experience for me, all in all. Upon joining the research team, I was afraid because I didn’t know anyone, even the professor, but I ended up making great relationships with people throughout the semester. I was never particularly interested in research or running research sessions but being on Team 11 has changed this for me and I’ve learned to appreciate everything I learn here. Being part of this research team has allowed me to connect ideas I learned in social psychology to the real world. I’ve gotten the chance to really dive into articles and understand what they mean through the assignments we do and it’s something I found hard to do prior to being on research team. Now it’s something enjoyable and interesting for me. Leigh Ann is a super intelligent, organized professor and being part of her team has made my college experience much better. I cannot wait to see how this team flourishes in the following semesters!

Brianna Walsh

Team has been one of the most enjoyable academic experiences I've had so far in college. Research team reinforces so many of the things we've learned at our time in Ithaca as psych majors, like practicing statistics. Everything is done at an easy to manage pace. We learn how to think like psychology researchers, and it's a learning process we go through as a team. On Leigh Ann's team, we really emphasize on working together to make team run smoothly. Along with getting hands-on experience following research procedures, we keep up to date with what's currently changing in the field of psychology and in psychology research. Team allows you insight on and opportunities for things going on in psychology today. This semester, four of our team members (including myself) are going to the Eastern Psychological Association conference in Boston over spring break, and we're all really looking forward to what it has in store for us!

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