Luke Keller

Luke Keller

Dana Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy


My methods and philosophy of teaching physics focus on developing students' physical intuition, analytical and critical thinking skills, observational skills, problem-solving skills, and imagination in a collaborative environment. I emphasize the value of observing nature and methods of asking and answering questions about our physical surroundings, especially with students in my introductory courses. When teaching about technological applications, I promote a conceptual approach; students learn to understand specifications of a particular problem or application and then apply the appropriate physics fundamentals and a basic knowledge of available technology to a workable solution. I understand that most of my students will not become professional scientists. I try to demonstrate to them that developing the skills emphasized in science, and physics in particular, is a useful part of any quality education and will serve them well in any career they choose.

Here are the courses I teach at Ithaca College. Links indicate courses that I am teaching in the current semester:

  • PHYS-160 Physics of Sound
  • PHYS-301 Math Methods for Physics
  • PHYS-102 Introduction to Physics I
  • PHYS-101 Introduction to Physics II
  • PHYS-104 Physics of Human Movement
  • PHYS-118 Principles of Physics II: Electricity & Magnetism
  • ICSM-105 The Nature of Science
  • PHYS-175 Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
  • PHYS-217 Principles of Physics III: Heat and Optics
  • PHYS-218 Principles of Physics IV: Modern Physics
  • PHYS-421 Quantum Mechanics
  • PHYS-470 Selected Topics in Advanced Physics: Atomic Physics
  • PHYS-470 Selected Topics in Advanced Physics: Spectroscopy
  • PHYS-470 Selected Topics in Advanced Physics: Astrophysics
  • PHYS-470 Selected Topics in Advanced Physics: Optics
  • PHYS-498 Senior Thesis