John Krout

John Krout

Emeritus Professor , Gerontology

Specialty:Gerontology- Rural; Community Based Services; Intergenerational

Since 1993, I have served dual roles as a Professor of Gerontology and the Director of the Gerontology Institute at Ithaca College. This rich environment has allowed me to pursue my research and develop interests with new colleagues and also to develop academic and community service and education programs. All of this has been done with a central focus of providing opportunities for students and faculty to become more knowledgeable of and engaged in gerontology. I have written over 60 book chapters and articles and published in a wide range of academic journals.  Most recently I co-edited my 6th book with R. Turner Goins, Service Delivery to Rural Older Adults.

I have been privileged to participate in the many important developments at the Gerontology Institute including a successful partnership with Longview, an Ithacare Community, and the recent inauguration of the Linden Center for Creativity and Aging. I am particularly pleased to see the growth of our academic offerings (major, minor and two non-degree certificate programs) and the incorporation of experiential/service learning in many aging courses on campus.

While my administrative duties generally keep me out of the classroom, I very much enjoy teaching and interacting with students. I also have been involved in local and national service through work on non-profit boards and professional associations such as SSA, AGHE and GSA. On a more personal level, my free-time activities include biking, hiking and boating.