Jonathan Laskowitz

Jonathan Laskowitz

Retired Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Specialty:Criminal and Juvenile Justice Studies

A Window A Mirror

I have always been drawn to the fringes, the edges.  Extremes reveal much about the norm, as the fringes of a cloth reveal the patterns in the fabric.  My interest in Deviance, Crime, Delinquency, The Law, The Courts, The Police and Forms of Punishment led me to create the cluster of courses: Criminal and Juvenile Justice Studies.  My belief that any part of a society reveals much about the whole of that society informs my passion to study the fringes.  So called Deviance becomes a window from which we see our (any) culture and a mirror in which we learn of ourselves as touched by our (any) culture.    

I love the classroom and look forward to work each day.

At noon hour we ( faculty, students, staff, men and with regularity women) play pick-up, four on four, half-court basketball.  I've been doing that daily, at what we call "Lunch-Box Hoops", for what has all too quickly come to be thirty-one years! Aside from being a great workout, the mix of students and faculty on the court adds another dimension to the classroom.  We see one another more as whole people and this echoes in other interactions.  So, if you want "a piece of me" come on over to the courts at noon.

I've loved to fish since my childhood in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Living here in Ithaca provides access to some of the finest waters.  Largely a spinning reel fisherrman I've recently taken up fly casting.  I'm quite new at this and just beginning to get the feel for it.  Our lake, Cayuga, is rich with Salmon, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Lake Trout, not to mention Bass, Perch and Pike.  Even when I don't catch, there is something about the setting and the rhythm that compels.

Courses I Teach

Introduction to Sociology

Juvenile Delinquency

Definitions of Normality

The Sociology of Crime

Forms of Punishment

Seminar: The Police

Seminar: The Sociology of Law    

Independent Studies in Criminal and Juvenile Justice 

Internships in Criminal and Juvenile Justice


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