Jason Freitag

Jason Freitag

Associate Professor, Department of History
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences
Faculty, Graduate Study in Education
Faculty, Honors Program

Ottoman Empire

Spring 2008 Syllabus


Saunders, The Turkish Irruption

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook -- The Ottomans

For Tuesday 25th March, Barkey, In Different Times: Scheduling and Social Control in the Ottoman Empire, 1550-1650

For Thursday 27th March, Quataert, Clothing Laws, State and Society in the Ottoman Empire, 1720-1829 

For Lecture on Jews in the Ottoman Empire, please read either (availabe on Ebrary):

Jews of Islam by Bernard Lewis, pp. 120-148
"The Ottoman Diaspora: The Rise and Fall of Ladino Literary Culture," in Cultures of the Jews edited by David Biale, pp. 863-885

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