Jake Brenner

Jake Brenner

Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Science
Faculty, Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences
Faculty, Latin American Studies

Phone:(607) 274-3967
Office:258 Ctr for Natural Sciences
Ithaca, NY 14850

I teach human-environment geography, which means I help students understand how the environmental issues we face have geographic dimensions.  Themes of space, place, scale, and globalism are prevalent in all my courses (see below). 

In research, I ask how and why landscapes change, and I use mixed methods from the social, biophysical, and geospatial sciences.  My theoretical interests are land system science, political ecology, institutions, resilience, and adaptive management.  Recent projects focus on voluntary conservation by private landowners, environmental hazards posed by invasive species, and environmental impacts of cannabis agriculture

My current regions of interest are the southwestern deserts and northeastern forests of North America.  I also have long-standing interests in Latin America, having lived and worked in Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Mexico. 

Since 2012 I have served as Faculty Manager of Ithaca College Natural Lands (ICNL).

Regular Course Offerings:

IICC 100: Integration - Connecting the Disciplines (weekend workshop)

ICSM-HNR 110: Globalization, Environment & You (Honors seminar)

ENVS 120: Environmental Sentinels (local environmental knowledge through wilderness skills)

ENVS 220: Human-Environment Geography (theory and case studies)

HNRS 230: Not-So-Natural Disasters (Honors short seminar)

ENVS 260: Trees in Environment & Society (object-based case study)

ENVS 331: Topics in Geography & Planning – Land Use (field course)

ENVS 331: Topics in Geography & Planning – Water Use (field course)