Faculty Recognized for Outstanding Collaboration

The faculty listed below were selected for recognition by the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL) for their outstanding collaborative efforts, support of the SACL mission, and support of students in the out of classroom learning experience.

The faculty member were recognized at a luncheon in their honor on Tuesday, February 26.

The SACL leadership team is grateful for the support, hard work, and wisdom provided by these outstanding faculty members.

Jonathan Ablard, History
Bhavani Arabandi, Sociology
Hayder Assad, Modern Languages and Literature
Wayne Blann, Sport Management and Media
Jake Brenner, Environmental Studies and Science
David Brown, Mathematics
Vivian Bruce-Conger, History
Michael Buck, Physical Therapy
Kathryn Cole, Chemistry
Darius Conger, Economics
Melinda Cozzolino, Occupational Therapy
Akiko Fillinger, Chemistry
Sue-Je Gage, Anthropology
Jorge Garcia Nunez, Modern Languages and Literature
Paul Geisler, Exercise and Sport Sciences
Belisa Gonzalez, Sociology
Courtney Gray, Exercise and Sport Sciences
Scott Hamula, Strategic Communication
Jean Hardwick, Biology
Linda Heyne, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Chris Hummel, Exercise and Sport Sciences
Paula Ioanide, Center for the Study of Culture Race & Ethnicity
Skott Freedman Jones, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
Luke Keller, Physics
Nick Kowalczyk, Writing
Stephen Lahr, Physical Therapy
Heather Lane, Management
Todd Lazenby, Exercise and Sport Sciences
Gustavo Licon, Center for the Study of Culture Race & Ethnicity
Michael Matheny, Exercise and Sport Sciences
John McKinley, Accounting
Nancy Menning, Philosophy and Religion
Hormoz Movassaghi, Finance and International Business
Craig Paiement, Sport Management and Media
James Pfrehm, Modern Languages and Literature
Sara Piebes, Exercise and Sport Sciences
Michael "Bodhi" Rogers, Physics
Cyndy Scheibe, Psychology
Warren Schlesinger, Accounting
Kent Scriber, Exercise and Sport Sciences
Andrew Smith, Biology
Peyi Soyinka-Arewele, Politics
Raj Subramaniam, Health Promotion and Physical Education
Robert Sullivan, Communication Studies
Susan Swensen, Biology
Anne Theobald, Modern Language and Literature
Zenon Wasyliw, History
Marc Webster, Music Performance
Wenmouth Williams, Television and Radio

Originally published in Intercom: Faculty Recognized for Outstanding Collaboration.