Elisabeth Nonas

Elisabeth Nonas

Retired Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies
Faculty, Cinema and Photography
Faculty, Writing for Film, Television, and Emerging Media

Specialty:Screenwriting, Writing for Emerging Media, Story


Elisabeth Nonas came to Ithaca College having, among other things, written and published three novels; coauthored, with Simon LeVay, the nonfiction City of Friends: A Portrait of the Gay and Lesbian Community in America; and adapted Afterlife, National Book Award winner Paul Monette’s novel, for the screen. Since then, she completed her fourth novel, Shadow Line, a screenplay adaptation of the same, as well as Family Room, a feature-length screenplay.

In recent years her focus—as both practitioner and teacher—has shifted to story more broadly delivered than in the form of a screenplay or novel. She has begun to investigate, on her own and with her students, how stories are told, whether in film, television, videogames, webseries, fan fiction, graphic novels, as well as across media platforms. She developed and taught Writing for Videogames and Emerging Media as well as Story: From Cave Paintings to Emerging Media and Transmedia Storytelling. 

In 2008 she received Ithaca College’s Excellence in Teaching Award. 

She recently published Story Workout: Exercises to Help You Connect to the Stories You Want to Tell. You can see more about it on her website