Donathan Brown

Donathan Brown

Associate Professor and Director of H&S Faculty Diversity & Development, Commnications, Department of Communication Studies
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences
Faculty, Culture and Communication

Dr. Brown authors article in Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy

An essay by Assistant Professor Donathan Brown, Department of Communication Studies in H&S, will be included in a special 25th anniversary issue of the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy.  The non-partisan journal is housed in the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. The journal is devoted to interdisciplinary scholarship on politics and policy-making pertaining to Latino communities in the United States. 

Dr. Brown's article, titled "When English is not Enough," analyzes a 2012 case, Cabrera v. Escamilla, involving a former city-council candidate in the southern Arizona border city of San Luis.  Candidate Alejandrina Cabrera was labeled "non sufficiently fluent" in English and was removed from the ballot.  

With legal rhetoric at the forefront of the analysis, Dr. Brown's essay covers past landmark cases to establish and support the position that both the Yuma County Court and the Arizona Supreme Court acted improperly in removing Cabrera from the ballot


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