John Confer

John Confer

Retired Associate Professor and Coordinator, Department of Biology
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Specialty:Animal Ecology, Ornithology

Much of my research is concerned with the regulation of species diversity and abundance, and man's impact on our natural ecosystems. My studies of Golden-winged Warblers examined factors that influence nesting success. More recently, I have compiled data by many others who have studied hybridization between Golden-winged Warblers and the closely related Blue-winged Warbler. About 1% of the Golden-winged Warblers hybridize and the hybrid progeny have reduced pairing success, suggesting they are two, valid species.

I am now retired, but appointed as Scholar in Residence.  I continue to monitor highway mortality of migrating amphibians and have initiated efforts to obtain funding to construct a wildlife underpass. I initiated our campus assessment of the economic and environmental feasibility of erecting a wind power tower on our campus and continue extensive involvement especially with the development of public support and on research on reducing bat mortality to the power towers. 

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