Changhee Chun

Changhee Chun

Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies
Faculty, Cinema and Photography
Faculty, Documentary Studies and Production

Specialty:Cinema Production, Cinematography, Music Video
Phone:(607) 274-1977
Office:246 Roy H Park Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850

"Without talent, the artist can be creative if he/she throw himself/herself completely into his/her material and the challenge."

The devotion to investigating personal aesthetics and principles of filmmaking by studying theoretical background of film and directing creative film projects is a crucial part of Changhee Chun's philosophy as a film director. 

In his scopious career, Chun has completed collaborative productions on several feature films for major Korean production companies. In 1995, he signed on with Samsung Broadcasting Center (SBC) as a director and producer. Creating over thirty television documentaries and commercials including 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Chun gained a broad expertise of the technical and conceptual aspects for film and video production. As a freelance film director who developed over thirty commercial films, music videos and documentaries, Chun began to incorporate original possibilities for grafting film style. The result was his poignant first feature film, Creation.

The interminable effort toward making meaningful films and creative excellence has been recognized by numerous film festivals including CINESTUD at the International Film Festival, Amsterdam, Holland; Film Fan Awards, Richmond, VA.; Rochester International Film Festival; St. Louis International Film Festival; Blue Sky International Film Festival; James River Festival of Moving Image; Telluride Film Festival; Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival; DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival; Independents' Film Festival; da Vinci Film Festival; The East Lansing Film Festival; Muskegon Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival,  The 32nd Asian American International Film Festival, Urban Suburban Film Festival and so on. His works received numerous awards and have been aired nationally and internationally. In addition, Creation was featured on the season premiere episode of "North Carolina Visions" at PBS in North Carolina.

Chun continues to develop personal principles of characteristic film art, principles that encompass the challenge to students and filmmakers alike to contribute engaging art to mankind.