Brad Treat

Brad Treat

Instructor, Management

Phone:(607) 274-3939
Office:210 Park Center
Ithaca, NY 14850

Brad Treat specializes in teaching entrepreneurship from an experiential perspective to entrepreneurial students actively starting real companies.  As a Founder, CEO, Chairman, Consultant, Board Member, and Mentor for numerous startups, he has established a foundation of customer-focused entrepreneurship and lean startup operations, with a knack for creative fundraising.

Brad was most recently the Founding CEO of Mezmeriz, a high-tech company making interactive projectors and reality capture cameras.  Mezmeriz is based on patented MEMS technology developed by company cofounder Shahyaan Desai at Cornell.

Brad was also the co-founder and CEO of SightSpeed, an innovative video and voice communications company. Together with co-founders Aron Rosenberg and Cornell Professor Toby Berger, Brad grew SightSpeed from a university research project into the world's premier video calling software, achieving 300MM minutes a month of use. SightSpeed was profitably acquired by Logitech for $30MM.

Earlier in his career, Brad worked for eight years in the automotive industry in both the US and Spain at Bowles Fluidics and GKN Automotive.  He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State, and an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell.