Belisa Gonzalez

Belisa Gonzalez

Associate Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity

Specialty:Race and Ethnicity & Social Inequality
Phone:(607) 274-3921
Office:347 Egbert Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850

Belisa González is an associate professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Culture Race and Ethnicity. Her teaching and research focus on inter and intra group relations between and within communities of color in the U.S. Her past research investigated the intergroup dynamics within cross-racial organizing efforts between African Americans and Latina/os organizing in Atlanta. Using data collected from a four-year NSF-funded study co-investigated with Irene Browne of Emory University, Dr. González is currently exploring how middle-class Dominican and Mexican immigrants living in Atlanta experience discrimination. Along with her co-PI, Dr. Sean Eversley Bradwell, she is also finishing up a three-year grant-funded assessment of Multicultural Resource Center’s Talking Circles.

Until 2014 Dr. González ran the Urban Mentorship Initiative (UMI). UMI is a distance learning mentorship initiative that pairs 8th grade students from the School for the Urban Environment (UE), located in Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy), Brooklyn, NY with students from Ithaca College. The program is designed to expose UE students to college life and improve their writing skills, while introducing IC students to the structural and interpersonal realities of being social change agents. In addition to their interactions with the students from the UE, UMI mentors are required to enroll in the course Practicum in Social Change. In this course, students learn about the social inequality and historical context that created and continue to affect “underprivileged” communities, like Bed-Stuy.

Dr. González co-created and conducts a series of workshops on inclusiveness and excellence in the hiring process. She also conducts workshops on micro-aggressions and how to have difficult dialogues in the workplace.


CSCR 12300 Introduction to Culture, Race and Ethnicity Concepts

SOCI 20700: Race and Ethnicity

SOCI 41312: Advanced Race and Ethnic Relations: 21st century conversations on race

SOCI 40500& 40600: Practicum in Social Change I&II: Urban Mentorship Initiative

SOCI 10100: Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 24000: Social Inequality and its Consequences

CSCR/SOCI 42000: Sociology of and by Women of Color

SOCI 43300: Race and Affirmative Action

SOCI 43602: Intergroup Dialogue

CSCR/SOCI 45100: Research in Community Change

CSCR 32200: Research in Global Justice