Ari Kissiloff

Ari Kissiloff

Assistant Professor, Strategic Communication
Faculty, Communication Management and Design

Specialty:Organizational Media Design and Production
Phone:(607) 274-3697
Office:365 Roy H Park Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850


(begin 1/22/18)

Mondays                     5:15-6:15pm

Tuesdays                     11:00am-12:00pm

Wednesdays                2:00pm-4:00pm

Thursdays                   11:00am-12:00pm

And by appointment

(hours end 5/4/18)


Hi! I'm Ari Kissiloff, and welcome to my virtual home. My real home is located in Ithaca, NY. I've been here since 1986, originally hailing from Manhattan, NY.

After moving to Ithaca, I started a business called Public Communications, Inc. which has been growing since 1992. We started off publishing a free monthly 'zine (14850 Magazine), operating a copy center with a computer lab for the public, and designing printed materials. We've changed our focus with the times, specializing now in web page programming & design, computer consulting, and creating on-line and print marketing campaigns. 

I've been teaching here at Ithaca College (in the Department of Strategic Communication) since 1997, and in that time have taught a wide variety of courses, including:

  • Computer Applications in Organizations
  • Organizational Writing and Publishing
  • Instructional and Promotional Video
  • Presentation Media Design and Production
  • Web Sites that Work
  • Organizational Media Campaign
  • Corporate Communication Media
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Text and Graphics
  • Video Practicum
  • Digital Journalism
  • Introduction to Macintosh
  • Organizational Video Design and Production
  • Web Design
  • Advanced Web Design
  • S'Park
  • Exploring the Options
  • Ithaca Seminar: Designing Compelling Presentations
  • Ithaca Seminar: Park Communication- Interpreting and navigating our nation’s natural and cultural resources
  • ICC Capstone "Connecting the Dots"