Asma Barlas

Asma Barlas

Retired Professor, Department of Politics
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Politics faculty support contingent colleagues

As tenured, tenure-eligible and NTEN faculty of the Politics Department, we are taking a collective stance in support of the demands by Ithaca College’s contingent faculty for greater equity and stability in their conditions of employment. We are joining the strike on March 28 and 29.

If the College reaches a fair and equitable agreement with our contingent colleagues, this would be a significant recognition of our colleagues' contribution to the college, and an acknowledgment that those who do substantive work in our core curriculum and in our academic programs are indeed facing economic struggles that can in some ways be improved or rectified.

Our actions of support and solidarity are offered with the goal of strengthening education and academic programs, for the benefit of our students and the entire Ithaca College community.

Peyi Soyinka-Airewele, Professor
Juan Arroyo, Assistant Professor
Asma Barlas, Professor
Donald Beachler, Associate Professor
Kelly Dietz, Assistant Professor
Carlos Figueroa, Assistant Professor
Chip Gagnon, Professor
Naeem Inayatullah, Professor
Alexander Moon, Assistant Professor
Patricia Rodriguez, Associate Professor
Thomas Shevory, Professor


Originally published in Intercom: Politics faculty support contingent colleagues.

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