Asma Barlas

Asma Barlas

Retired Professor, Department of Politics
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Believing Women: A Brief Introduction

Believing Women in Islam: A Brief Introduction, co-authored with David Raeburn Finn (University of Texas Press). Fall 2019. Introduces readers to some of the central arguments of the original book; for under-graduate students as well as a non-academic audience.

Preface: Asma Barlas, A Simpler Believing Women
1. Interpreting Scripture: A Core Dispute
2. The Qur'an: God's Remedy for an Imperfect Humanity
3. Patriarchal Readings of the Qur'an
4. Methods and Revelation
5. Patriarchy
6. Equality and Difference
7. Family, Marriage, Equality
8. Critical Dilemmas (David Finn)
Afterword, David Finn.

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