Paul Geisler

Paul Geisler

Associate Professor and Program Director, Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences
Faculty, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Specialty:Athletic Training, Clinical Reasoning & Higher Education
Phone:(607) 274-3006
Office:G71 Hill Center
Ithaca, NY 14850

I have been a practicing athletic trainer since 1987 in myriad settings, including The Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Technology (Alexandria, VA), The National Center for Sports Medicine (Arlington, VA), Durham Academy (NC), Trinity Preparatory  Academy (Winter Park, FL), HealthSouth Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine (Orlando, FL), The Orlando Thunder (The World League of American Football), and Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, GA), and only entered academia as an educator and director at Georgia Southern University, after 10+ years of combined clinical practice. If you've heard the Allman Brothers' rendition of Blind Willie McTell's Statesboro Blues, then you've heard of Statesboro, GA without even knowing it existed as a real, physical place with a deep musical history.

I grew up in Lakeville, Massachusetts--home to Ocean Spray Cranberries, and the now defunct Ted Williams Baseball Camp. Yes, I am a lifelong and passionate Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins fan; and of course, I'm a loyal member of Red Sox Nation! I'm also an ardent Carolina Tar Heels fan and rarely miss watching Heels athletic events.

Outside of work, I am a proud father of 2 talented and wonderful sons, Nicholas (Hamilton College, Class of 2014) and Benji (Colgate University, Class of 2018), and I enjoy cooking and dining with my lovely wife Susan, riding my Fuji SL 1.0 road bike, enjoying as much futbol as possible, and exploring and photographing the beautiful outdoors (see my photo gallery). 

Professionally, I'm somewhat of an enigma as I possess 2 degrees in sports medicine/athletic training and exercise physiology, and a doctorate in curriculum theory & cultural studies of education. Indeed, I may be the most bipolar academician in each of those fields, and if you look at some of my scholarly projects and interests its probably readily apparent. I am deeply interested in the clinical thinking processes of novice and experienced clinicians and creative ways to teach clinical thinking and evidence informed reasoning to future entry level clinicians. I try to blend my home and professional discipline of athletic training with relevant narratives and theories from curriculum, philosophy, and cultural studies as they relate to higher education and intellectual development in order to create well rounded and critically reflective young professionals.


Associate Professor
Director, Athletic Training Education
Hill G71

For sports medicine, athletic training & sports science information & thinking, follow me on Twitter @BomberATDoc

Adjunct Research Fellow, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, UT


Ed.D, Curriculum Studies, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro (2004)

M.A., Exercise Physiology & Sports Medicine, The University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill (1990)

B.S., Sports Medicine, Marietta College, OH (1987)

Courses Taught:

Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries

Medical Science

Athletic Injury Assessment I & II

Athletic Training Techniques II & III

Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training

Internship in Athletic Training

The Clinical Gaze (Ithaca Freshman Seminar)

Research Interests:

Education and Pedagogy in Athletic Training, Clinical Reasoning & Medical Decision-Making, Philosophy of Education, Musculoskeletal Assessment and Rehabilitation, Clinical and Sport Performance, Evidence Informed Practice, Higher Education

Recent Scholarship:

Adler KL, Cook PC, Geisler PR, Yen YM, Giordano BD. Part II: Current concepts in rehabilitation after hip preservation surgery. Sports Health. Published online before print, March 19 2015, doi:10.1177/1941738115577621.

Geisler PR. Evidence informed clinical practice for the athletic trainer: DVTs, clinical prediction rules and college athletes? BOC Approved EBP CEU presentation. The Kent Scriber Advanced Clinical Update Series. 2015. Ithaca, NY.

Geisler PR, Hummel C & Piebes S. Evaluating evidence informed clinical reasoning proficiency in oral practical examinations. Athl Train Ed J. 2014:9(1);43-48. The 2014 AT Education Journal Outstanding Non Research Manuscript Award Winner.

Geisler PR. The elephant in the room: Adequate supervision, not direct supervision. Ed. Athl Train Sports Health Care. 2013: 5(4);151-154. 

Reynolds TJ, Hummel C & Geisler PRDeep vein thrombosis in a collegiate female soccer player: A case & evidence supported review. J Athl Enhancement. 2013: 2(2);1-4.

Geisler PR. Evaluating the integration of clinical reasoning and evidence based medicine decision making in undergraduate athletic training students. NATA Executive Committee for Education and CAATE “Best Practices” Symposium, 2012 NATA Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposia, St. Louis, MO. Oral presentation. 2012.

Lazenby T, Carminati S & Geisler PR. Management of an ulnar collateral ligament tear in a division III baseball pitcher: A case study. Abstract published in 2012 NYSATA Symposium Clinical Proceedings. Lake Placid, NY. Poster presentation. 2012.

Scriber K & Geisler, PR. Making evaluation of student clinical performance more meaningful. Abstract published in 2011 NYSATA Symposium Clinical Proceedings. Lake Placid, NY. Poster presentation. 2011.

King D, Bartman N & Geisler PR. Trunk posture limits shoulder ROM and trunk rotation. 58th Annual Meeting & 2nd World Congress on Exercise is Medicine of the American College of Sports Medicine. Denver, CO. Poster presentation. 2011.

Geisler PR & Drouin J. Integrating clinical reasoning & evidence based medicine: A pedagogical strategy for enhancing clinical-decision making. 2011 NATA Athletic Training Educators' Conference, Washington, DC. Breakout session. 2011.

Hummel C, Lazenby T & Geisler PR. Management of a Stage III Lisfranc ligament injury in collegiate football player: A case reportAthl Train & Spts Hlth Care. 2011:3(2);95-99. 

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Geisler PR & Scriber K. Teaching Thinking & Thinking Teaching: Clinical Reasoning in Athletic Training Education [DVD]. Monterey, CA: Health Learning. 2009.

Geisler PR & Lazenby T. Clinical reasoning in athletic training education: Modeling expert thinking. J Athl Train Ed. 2009:4(2);52-65.

Geisler PR. Prevention of Athletic Pubalgia. Invited presentation: A Sports Medicine Update: Pathologies and Treatment of the Hip and Athletic Pubalgia. 2009:Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Geisler PR & Scriber K. Teaching thinking & thinking teaching: clinical reasoning in athletic training education. 2009 NATA Athletic Training Educators' Conference. 2009: Washington, DC.

Geisler PR. Critical thinking in athletic training: The case for clinical reasoning as the modus operandi. Invited presentation. 2009:A. T. Still University Arizona School of Health Sciences, Phoenix, AZ.

Geisler PR. A complex clinical case: Preventing & rehabilitating athletic pubalgia. 2009:Invited presentation: 32nd Annual AzATA Winter Meeting, Phoenix, AZ.

Geisler PR & Kelly E. Groin Pain: A Preventative Approach to Athletic Pubalgia.Train & Cond Mag. 2008; Fall.

Geisler PR. Prevention and rehabilitation of athletic pubalgia injuries. Invited presentation, 2008 New York State Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Meeting, Syracuse, NY.

Geisler PR. Higher Education at a Crossroads. In S. Steinberg, J. Kincheloe, & N. Denzin (Eds.), Higher Ed: Questions about the Purpose(s) of Colleges & Universities. 2006:New York:Peter Lang Publishing.

Geisler PR. The pedagogical implications of popular (culture) science: Reggae music, Vanilla Sky & Minority Report as postmodern scientific curriculum. J Curr Theor, 2005:21(1);159-173.

Geisler PR. Multiculturalism and athletic training education: Implications for educational & professional progress. J Athl Train. 2003:38(2);141-151. PubMed

Undergraduate Student Research Collaboration

Mir J, Geisler PR & Kelly E. Complex ligamentous and tendinous damage of the hand and wrist in a collegiate football player with little functional impairment: A case study. 2015 EATA Annual Conference & Symposium, Philadelphia, PA.

Lamond L & Geisler PR (2014). Unique treatment for bilateral plantar fasciitis in a field hockey player. Poster Presentation. 2014 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College. Award Finalist

Cohen C & Geisler PR (2013). Athletic pubalgia with inguinal hernia in a collegiate hurdler: A case study. Oral Presentation, 2013 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Lau T & Geisler PR (2013). Redefining the importance of health: The Impacts of malnutrition of cardiovascular diseases in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Oral Presentation, 2013 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Katz J, Matheny M & Geisler PR (2013). Pellegrini-Stieda Syndrome in a collegiate soccer player: A Case study. Poster Presentation, 2013 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Woytovich C & Geisler PR (2012). Spondyloysis & lumarization in a collegiate softball player. Poster presentation, 2012 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Adelman D, Kelly E & Geisler PR (2011). Cam-type femoroacetabular impingement with labral tear in a collegiate ice hockey player: A case study. 2011 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.

Berger E, Lazenby T & Geisler PR (2010). Management of a posterior elbow dislocation in a division III collegiate football player: A case report. Poster presentation, 2010 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Bronson E & Geisler PR (2009). Surgical management of recurrent tarsal tunnel syndrome: A clinical case report. Poster presentation, 2009 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Connell S & Geisler PR (2008). Posterior cervical foraminotomy to Relieve cervical disk herniation in a collegiate wrestler: A clinical case report. Poster presentation, 2008 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Ambrose E, Hummel C, Lazenby T & Geisler PR (2008). Multiple anterior cruciate ligament failure in a college football player and the corresponding surgical techniques of reconstruction: A clinical case report. Poster presentation, 2008 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College & 2008 EATA Annual Conference & Symposium, Valley Forge, PA.

Gentile K, Matheny M & Geisler PR (2008). Hamstring strain with an avulsion fracture of the ischial tuberosity: A clinical case report. Poster presentation, 2008 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Edelstein J, Lazenby T & Geisler PR (2008). Competing diagnoses in the management of a collegiate baseball player with chronic elbow pain: A clinical case report. Poster presentation, 2008 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Crowell C, Hummel C, Lazenby T & Geisler PR (2008). Right Achilles' tendon partial rupture in a collegiate football player: A clinical case report. Poster presentation, 2008 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College & 2008 EATA Annual Conference & Symposium, Valley Forge, PA.

Geisler PR, Hebert C, DiCenso M & Gardner B (2007-09). Athletic Pubalgia in College Hockey Players. A collaborative field study conducted with the Cornell University mens' hockey team designed to investigate the causes, prevention and treatment of athletic pubalgia. Conducted in conjunction with the sports medicine and hockey staffs from Cornell University.

Kafchinski MM & Geisler PR (2007). Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with a Loss of knee extension: A case study. Poster presentation, 2007 James Whalen Academic Symposium, Ithaca College.

Professional Activities:

Pearls of Practice Column Editor & Editorial Board Member, Athletic Training & Sports Health Care: The Journal for the Practicing Clinician

Editorial Board Member, Athletic Training Education Journal

Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Athletic Training

Member, Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association Research Committee

Chair, Abstract Subcommittee, Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association's Research Committee

Member, Professional Education Committee, National Athletic Trainers' Association

Past President, Executive Council Member, Ithaca College Chapter of Alpha Eta Academic Honor Society

Member, Ithaca College Committee on Collegewide Requirements (CCR), 2013-Present

Personal Interests:

Road cycling, snow shoeing, hiking, soccer, outdoor photography, travel, reading and family



“The erudite become younger as they age”

Michel Serres






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