Paul De Luca

Lecturer, Department of Biology
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Specialty:Arthropod Behaviour, Ecology & Evolution
Phone:(607) 274-1086
Office:213B Ctr for Natural Sciences
Ithaca, NY 14850

Office Hours:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11-noon



  • Insects and People (Fall 2014)
  • Principles of Biology Lecture and Lab (Spring 2015)

Previously Taught

  • Fundamentals of Biology II Laboratory (Spring 2014)

Research Interests:

  1. Evolutionary ecology of buzz-pollination
  2. Behavioral ecology of arthropod communication
  3. Arthropod biodiversity in The Bahamas

Recent Publications:

2014 De Luca, PA, Cox, DA & Vallejo-Marín, M. Comparison of pollination and defensive buzzes in bumblebees indicates species-specific and context-dependent vibrations. Naturwissenschaften 101:331-338
2013 De Luca, PA & Vallejo-Marín, M. What’s the buzz about? The ecology and evolutionary significance of buzz-pollination. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 16:429-435
2013 De Luca, PA, Bussière, LF, Souto-Villaros, D, Goulson, D, Mason, AC & Vallejo-Marín, M. Variability in bumblebee pollination buzzes affects the quantity of pollen ejected from flowers. Oecologia 172:805-816
2011 Judge, KA, De Luca, PA & Morris, GK. Food limitation causes female haglids to mate more often. Canadian Journal of Zoology 89:992-998
2011 De Luca, PA & Cocroft, RB. The influence of age on male mate acquisition behaviour in thornbug treehoppers. Ethology 117:440-450

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