Michael 'Bodhi' Rogers

Michael 'Bodhi' Rogers

Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty, Graduate Study in Education
Faculty, Department of Education
Faculty, Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences
Faculty, Honors Program

Specialty:Archaeogeophysics, Physics and Astronomy Education Research, Science Teaching Program Coordinator
Phone:(607) 274-3963
Office:265 Ctr for Natural Sciences
Ithaca, NY 14850

My passions are teaching, cooking, and photography.

If you've been a student in my classroom you've experienced my passion for teaching. If you've been at the physics fall picnic you've experienced just a hint of my cooking skills through my grill work. And you can see my recent DSLR photographic work at www.flickr.com/photos/photos-by-bodhi/.


  • My research examines methods of increasing the accuracy and efficiency of ground-based remote sensing (GBRS). I am interested in all types of GBRS methods, but my current research focus is on magnetometry and ground-penetrating radar. My research is often applied to archaeology projects and to helping solve environmental problems. I'm currently interested in examining how people interacted with each other and their environment on a landscape scale. Archaeogeophysical survey methods can cover approximately 2 acres each day while taking readings every 5 cm in one direction and every 25 cm in the other direction. 
  • I am also interested in Physics and Astronomy Education Research and implementing successful strategies at increasing student learning. I facilitated the selection of the campus-wide standard of Personal Response Units (PRS) "clickers" using the Think-Pair-Share method of teaching. I also led the physics department's efforts in adapting and implementing the SCALE-UP (Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs) developed at North Carolina State University. Learn more about our project. I'm also a Co-PI of the National Science Foundation funded Multidisciplinary Sustainability Education Project that is creating sustainability themed learning modules where courses in different disciplines jointly tackle relevant, real-world problems.

Personal Interests

  • Cooking (I'm teaching myself French style cooking)
  • Mountain Biking and Cross-Country Skiing
  • 9th Century Scandanavian Living History
  • Guitar and Saxophone (I dabble)