Matthew C. Sullivan

Matthew C. Sullivan

Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty, Graduate Study in Education

Physics 117 - Principles of Physics I - Mechanics

Physics 117 is an introduction (or re-introduction) to mechanics: the study of the motion of objects. We will learn about kinematics, forces, energy, and momentum. We'll be reviewing these concepts while also learning about how to write proper solutions, to solve problems, and to think analytically and critically.

The course goals are:
· To acquaint students with calculus-based Newtonian Mechanics,
· To help students understand the difference between an exercise and a problem,
· To help students become a better problem solver,
· To introduce students to estimating to obtain meaningful results,
· To introduce students to methods of effectively communicating scientific information.


The main body of information for this course is located on this webpage.