Leigh Ann Vaughn

Leigh Ann Vaughn

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Social Judgment Research Team (Research Team 11)

In fall of 2014, we are (from L to R) back row: Hayley Paquette, Prof. Leigh Ann Vaughn, Kanako Kambe, and Christine Hill. Front row: Emma Hayden, Abby Kane-Gerard, and Patricia Herrmann

In this research team we spend three semesters together taking a social-personality psychological approach to studying how people function. For example, what helps people be more comfortable with themselves and with others? What could affect the reproducibility of research findings, and how could replication of research be important to the functioning of psychology as a field? Research questions for the fall include:

  • How  does the fit between one's goals and ways of pursuing them relate to satisfaction with life and psychological well-being?
  • Most people are prosocial and cooperative, while many others seek to maximize their own gains with little regard for what happens to others. Might people who are more prosocial be more likely to think of themselves as equal to others? If so, how would this affect well-being?
  • Many Labs 2 and Many Labs 3: world-wide replication projects in psychology. We are currently one of 105 institutions world-wide that are participating in what may be the largest replication effort in the history of psychology. What will this project show about variation in the reproducibility of research findings? For the Ithacan story about our team's involvement in Many Labs 1, click here.


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