Luanne Andersson

Luanne Andersson

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Faculty, Graduate Study in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Faculty, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Specialty:Language disorders in children
Phone:(607) 274-1890
Office:302 Smiddy Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850

Welcome to my page! I am the chair of the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and am an associate professor here at Ithaca College.  

The following is a brief summary of my education and career; I have included this information in hopes of offering encouragement to students who may be following a career path that has taken some twists and turns or who may think that if they are unsure of their career direction before they enter college, then pursuing a professional degree is out of reach. Some students enter college with a particular career in mind, others find their chosen fields a bit later. My journey illustrates just one variation in the path to a meaningful career as a speech-language pathologist.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. The social sciences major allowed me to select courses from three areas of interest, with varying numbers of credits obtained for each selected area. I elected Communication Disorders as the area in which I would take the fewest credits. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree, I took a year off from school to decide what I might like to do as a career. Although I knew that with a degree in Social Sciences I would need to pursue a master’s degree, I didn’t have a clear direction.  A friend suggested that I consider the field of speech-language pathology; this seemed like a good fit because I had enjoyed the courses that I had taken as part of my social sciences major. I decided to pursue a master’s degree but because I did not have all of the prerequisites needed, I had to take several undergraduate courses before beginning the master’s program. After completing the master’s degree I planned to work with adults, however, I ended up working with children in a variety of settings! Then, after working as a clinician for 16 years, it was time to pursue a Ph.D.  I received a Ph.D. from the University on Connecticut in 1998 and joined the faculty at Ithaca College in the same year.

Required textbooks for the courses I am teaching in 2015 - 2016:

SLPA 11010 - Phonetics

Small, Larry (2016). Fundamentals of Phonetics: A practical guide for students (4th ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon. I highly recommend that students purchase an unused book (because it is a workbook and we write in it during our class periods) as well as the CDs that accompany this phonetics textbook (because they provide additional practice in listening and transcribing).


SLPG 65200 - Child Language Disorders: Ages 3 to 21

Paul, Rhea (2012). Language Disorders from Infancy through Adolescence: Assessment and intervention (4th ed.) St. Louis, MO: Mosby. You must use the most recent edition of this text.  You do not need to purchase the CD that accompanies this child language textbook.



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