Ian Woods

Ian Woods

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences
Faculty, Biochemistry
Faculty, Premed Option

Specialty:Developmental Biology, Computational Biology
Phone:(607) 274-7052
Office:160 Ctr for Natural Sciences
Ithaca, NY 14850

My Research Summary

I use the zebrafish to study the development and function of the nervous system.  My research focuses on two areas: (1) somatosensory neurons that detect thermal, chemical, mechanical, and painful stimuli, and (2) the molecular basis of arousal and anxiety-like behaviors.  If you are interested in working in my lab, please see a more complete description of my work on the research page.


Potential Research Projects:  All of these assume at least 10-20 hr / week in lab.


Short term (1 semester)


• Clone a gene expressed in somatosensory neurons.  Carefully document the spatial and temporal characteristics of its expression.  Overexpress the gene product via mRNA injection to assess its effects on somatosensory development.


Medium term (1 - 1.5 year)


• Make transgenic line that inducibly overexpresses a gene. Analyze the effect of overexpression on development or behavior, especially with regard to somatosensation.  


• Make a transgenic line that expresses a reporter gene (eg GFP) in a specific neuronal cell type.  Via live imaging of transgenic animals, examine the dynamics of this cell type as it develops and connects with the rest of the nervous system.


• Carefully analyze the phenotype of a mutation in a gene expressed in somatosensory neurons.


Long term (2-3.5 years) ie. get into the lab early - Freshman or Sophomore year, and often.

Should result in a nice paper with some luck and perseverance.


• Plan, develop, build, and test equipment and software necessary to measure and analyze anxiety behaviors in larval zebrafish.

• Make a mutation in a gene of interest, document the mutant phenotype, and explore mechanisms of function.

Other Involvement:

Biochemistry Program faculty member

Honors Program faculty member

Neuroscience Minor, Advisor

Ithaca College offers a Neuroscience minor for those students interested in an interdisciplinary study of the nervous system.  The minor includes courses from several departments, including Biology, Psychology, and Exercise Science.  The minor includes both classwork and a research/practicum experience.

Premedical Sciences, Chair, Health Professions Advisory Committee

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