Catherine Malele

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences

Office: Ctr for Natural Sciences
Ithaca, NY 14850

Faculty, Organic Chemistry

Phone (607)724-5176


Office: Ctr for Natural Sciences, Ithaca, NY 14850

Current Courses

Fall Semester

  • Principles of Chemistry
  • Principles of Chemistry lab.
  • Experimental Chemistry II, organic lab.

Spring Semester

  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Experimental Chemistry I,  lab

Courses taught in the past

Utica College:

  • Basic Chemistry
  • Introduction Chemistry Principles I
  • Introduction Chemistry Principles II
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Organic Chemistry II
  • Organic Chemistry Lab
  • Inorganic Chemistry, guest lecturer
  • Research Methods
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab
  • UCC 301 Student Assistantship


Inspired by the ability of the NHC ligand to withstand the aerobic oxidation conditions in which most of the organic  reactions  are  carried  in,  we  aim  to  develop  catalysts  based  on  a  stable  structure  of  an  N-heterocyclic bioxazoline ligand to replace the commonly used air/moisture sensitive phosphine ligand based catalysts in various carbon-carbon coupling reactions, specifically Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions. The ligands will be used to prepare complexes of palladium and nickel transition metals to afford a moisture/air stable, inexpensive, high turnover catalyst. While our target is improved methods for the synthesis of fluorescent conjugated polymer chemosensor by the Sonogashira cross- coupling reaction, this technology would have broad application in a variety of total synthesis of natural products and industrially relevant carbon-carbon bond forming reactions.


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Binghamton University, 2009

M. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry, Kenyatta University, Kenya, 2004

B.Ed. Science (Chemistry Major), Kenyatta University, Kenya. 2000

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