Anna Larsen

Anna Larsen

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry
Faculty, School of Humanities and Sciences
Faculty, Biochemistry

Selected publications (with links)

The titles are linked to actual texts.  Undergraduate students' names are in bold.  [For a complete publication list in pdf  click here]  

7.  "A Weakly Coordinating Anion as a Tripodal ‘Br3’-Ligand for Platinum(IV): Structure of [(closo-CB11H6Br6)PtMe3]"  De Crisci , A.G.,  Kleingardner, J., Lough, A.J., Larsen, A. and  Fekl, U.  Canadian Journal of Chemistry,  87(1): 1–8 (2009)

6. "Designing ionic liquids with boron cluster anions: alkyl pyridinium and imidazolium [nido C2B9H11] and [closo-CB11H12] carborane salts" Dymon,J., Wibby,R., Kleingardner,J., Tanski, J.M., Guzei, I.A., Holbrey, J.D., Larsen,A.S.  Dalton Trans., 2008, 2999 - 3006 (2008)

5.  "(Glycol-[kappa]^[2]O,O')nitrosyl([eta]^[5]-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) ruthenium(II) bis(trifluoromethanesulfonate)" S. Munie, A. Larsen and M. Gembicky Acta Cryst. (2008). E64, m293

4. "Di-mu -nitrosyl-bis[( 5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)ruthenium(0)](Ru-Ru)"  Pearsal,M., Gembicky,M., Dominiak,P.,Larsen, A., Coppens, P.,  Acta Cryst. (2007). E63, m2596 

3. "Hydrogen Atom Transfer from Iron(II)-tris[2,2'-bi(tetrahydropyrimidine)] to TEMPO: A Negative Enthalpy of
Activation" Mader, E.A.; Larsen, A.S.; Mayer, J.M. J. Am.Chem. Soc, 2004; 126 (26); 8066-8067

2."Non-Organometallic Mechanisms for C-H Bond Oxidation" Mayer, J., Larsen, A., Bryant, J., Wang,
K.,Lockwood, M., Rice, G., Won, T.-J. in ACS Symposium Series "Activation and Functionalization of C-H
Bonds” 2004, edited by Karen Goldberg and Alan Goldman  -->(pdf of chapter 21 alone)

1. "Electron and Hydrogen Atom Self-Exchange Reactions of Iron and Cobalt Coordination Complexes" Yoder,
J.C.; Roth, J.P.; Gussenhoven, E.M.; Larsen, A.S.; Mayer, J.M. J. Am.Chem. Soc. (2003) 125, 2629-2640


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